digital, brand, innovation & growth marketing services for food & drink businesses


I’ve delivered brand and digital launches and transformations for a plateful of amazing businesses across many sectors, and most food and drink categories.

I have a Diploma in Digital Marketing (DMI), an MBA in Innovation Management (Imperial), and cut my teeth in London’s world-leading marketing and web agencies working with brands like General Foods, Kodak, NatWest and Microsoft.

I have an exceptional understanding of food and drink; the industry, marketplace, consumers, categories, products, flavour and quality; historically, contemporary and futures.

I’m trained as a chef (Leith’s), certified in plant-based foods (Chad Sarno/Rouxbe), qualified in wines & spirits (WSET), and in distilling (IBD).

Along the way, I ran one of the UK’s top 40 hotel/restaurants, cooked in some outstanding Michelin Star kitchens, and studied Environmental Science at university in the wilds of West Wales.

More than ever, effective modern business combines the analytical, orderly left brain with the visual, intuitive right. Over my years at the coal face, I’ve evolved this into a way of operating to benefit my clients and work.

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  • Digital strategy
  • Search research / optimisation (SEO)
  • Website development (WordPress)
  • Content strategy / planning / creation
  • SaaS integrations (e.g: marketing, Kajabi)
  • Data / analytics


  • Brand strategy
  • Re / Branding – visual / verbal identity
  • Brand / content architecture
  • Content creation – copy, graphics, imagery, video
  • Packaging design
  • Marketing materials


  • Product and range strategy
  • Search listening
  • Ideation
  • Product development
  • Concepting
  • Naming


  • Growth strategy
  • Competitor analyses (any aspect)
  • CRO / marketing funnels
  • Paid advertising (PPC)
  • SEO / content marketing
  • Social media marketing

Food & Drink Search Questions

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Topical diet-related terms generally show many search terms...

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A product that is making its way towards the mainstream, so, as expected...

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A whopping 23,000 questions asked on Google. The sort of numbers...

Case studies

I have worked in consumer products – food, drink and non-food, financial services, health and wellness, and technology.  

In food and drink, I have worked across B2C and B2B in bakery, beers, condiments, cooperative community, charity, chef-led, dairy, desserts, energy bars/balls, eggs, foodservice, energy/wellness drinks, fruit and veg, fairtrade, foodservice, free-from, juices, luxury retail, plant-based, preserved, ready meals, seafood, smoked, snacks, sweeteners, tea/tisanes, vegan, wine, and world foods.

A selection of case studies is below, together with a carousel of images of my work for food and drink businesses.

Rebel Recipes

Niki Webster at Rebel Recipes is one of the world’s most influential vegan food ‘bloggers’. She has 500K social followers and four books to her name.

The Rebel Recipes website was launched in 2014. It receives half a million site visits per year and has grown a complex web of search traffic and performance.

However, behind the scenes, things aren’t so positive, the website has become unstable and Google search results are not improving as they should be.

I’m rebuilding the Rebel Recipes website. Based on SEO research and a formal content audit, we are cutting of the 1,000+ recipe pages to around a value-focused 300.

The work is highly complex and involves many aspects of SEO, WordPress web development and content re/production.

I have also re-designed Niki’s branding and am advising her on aspects of business growth and optimising her future brand value.

Come back soon to see the new Rebel Recipes website live.

  • SEO R&D
  • Rebranding
  • Website rebuild
  • Content planning & co-creation
  • Growth strategy
Working with Rich is fab, you should try it!
For a digital-first business, he has a rather handy blend of strategy, creativity, tech and build. You’ll feel the benefit of his enormous expertise and knowledge. And, he’ll very likely transform your business. Niki Webster, Rebel Recipes.
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Fortnum & Mason Plc

For three centuries Fortnum & Mason Plc has inspired Londoners and tourists with the world’s most fabulous foods. My brief, as part of their major store and brand refurbishment, was to create packaging designs with contemporary twists on Fortnum’s Georgian magnificence and fine food values.

I like to find a great story in products and tell it through design. So, my team and I put food-inspired Neoclassical stories at the heart of the new packaging designs.

Slice a pickled walnut in half, and you’ll find it resembles a wall pattern typical of the Etruscan style. Our fiery Chinese stem ginger was inspired by the magnificent beast that once sat on top of The House of Confucius in Kew Gardens. And so the story goes on…

For this program of work, my team was rostered alongside two world leading branding agencies – Pearlfisher and Williams Murray Hamm. We redesigned over 20 ranges across 150 SKUs in less than 18 months.

  • Fast-track, cross-category packaging re-design

Richard and his team showed us an excellent understanding of our brand, together with some highly creative and well-executed design. Fortnum & Mason Plc Design and Retail Marketing Manager.

Enter the DRGN

DRGN asked me to rebuild their website for their next stage of growth. On-site commerce is reimagined with links to DRGN’s online stockists. I re-created a product/SEO-led architecture, all content, and translated the brand’s marketing materials across the new digital design.

  • Stockist-linked commerce site
  • Application of existing branding
  • Copywriting
  • Imagery and video co-creation/optimisation
  • Third-party app integrations

Rich has been a pleasure to deal with. He goes that extra mile to deliver ideas and solutions, and his attention to detail is extraordinary. I’m delighted with the end-result and we have a great digital platform to support DRGN’s growth. Vishal Sodha, DRGN Drink.

Before After

Michelin-star Chef Marc Fosh

Michelin Star Chef Marc Fosh is the UK’s most exciting culinary export. I was asked to conceptualise three product ranges for the FOSH Boutique Gastronomica in Palma, Mallorca. I then developed branded products for the first range of cook’s essentials.

To create the cook’s essentials, we sourced and quality-benchmarked rices, pastas, Arbequina olive oil, aged balsamic and flor de sal.

I created an iconic contemporary identity inspired by Marc’s plating style and the shapes and colours of the products themselves.

To impart personality and communicate quality, I created the chef icon.

And, to finish, I set the designs on the white backdrop of the chef’s serving plate.

  • Product range development
  • Product range sourcing
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging design
  • Structural packaging

Richard’s broad involvement in our business resulted in an excellent range of FOSH products with bold and stylish branding that jumps out as you walk through the store. Chef Marc Fosh.

Oli's Nectarous

Oliver and his family make three plant-based, gluten-free, and naturally-sweetened dessert products.

The products are targeted at those that love the occasional healthier indulgence alongside those that follow a vegan, meat reducing or gluten-free diet. The products won two prestigious awards – hats off to Oli!

With a manufacturer in place, Oliver asked me to create the branding and packaging, and the business’ first simple SquareSpace website for crowdfunding.

Working with my illustrator, we devised the name Oli’s nectarous, giving a meaning sweet, fragrant & extremely pleasing to taste.

Building on this, and the layers of flavour in the products, we brought those to life in the brand and packaging design. The sleeves are hand-lettered and illustrated. We added the gold foil lettering and icon highlights to introduce a premium feel and to catch the eye at point-of-sale.

  • Brand identity & naming
  • Packaging design
  • Website
  • Illustration & lettering

We love our new brand identity! Richard created vibrant new packaging design around the new brand name. He has a great understanding of the industry and has been flexible throughout as our situation changed; I would recommend him to any start-up food brand. Oliver Farmiloe, Founder.


FareShare is the national charity that redistributes surplus food across the UK to charities and community groups that turn it into meals for vulnerable people.

FareShare wanted to modernise their identity to build on their existing image and communicate the caring contribution the organisation makes to people in need.

My team and I progressed through a staged identity project from stakeholder research, through identity creation, and application across media.

FareShare’s identity is much-loved, and has stood the test of time. You may see it driving along a street near you. It still makes me smile when I do!

  • Stakeholder research
  • Corporate identity
  • Application across media

Richard knows how to get to the heart of a brand brilliantly. He and his team enlivened our plans for the organisation and the new identity has received powerful positive reactions from all who have seen it. Marketing Director, FareShare.

Claire's Handmade

Claire’s Handmade make exceptional artisan preserves, largely by hand as the name suggests. After establishing a strong business with home-made label designs, I was asked to elevate the branding as a foundation for growth in a mature market with low barriers to entry.

The new branding brings creativity and handmade production to life.

The hands form the centrepiece of the logo that, on-pack, is printed in silver foil within the differentiating product-coloured pattern work.

Alongside designing the range labels and various marketing materials, I built the business’ first eCommerce website; it served its purpose very well, but has since been superseded.

  • Rebranding
  • Packaging design
  • Website development
  • Marketing materials

Richard guided us expertly through our rebranding. We now have fantastic jars and new website, renewed confidence in our brand and a significant sales uplift – one customer went from a few hundred to 25,000 in one order! Claire Kent, Claire’s Handmade.

Various Food & Drink

I’ve delivered brand and digital transformations for a plateful of amazing food and drink businesses

My food and drink past client list includes, in alphabetical order: Bakehouse (B2B), Bounce Foods (balls), Clarence Court, Claire’s Handmade, DRGN Drink, FareShare, Fortnum & Mason Plc, Michelin Star Chef Marc Fosh, Hebridean Smokehouse, McCormick-Schwartz, Natural Balance Foods (Nakd), Paramount Seafoods, Rebel Recipes, SugaVida, Summer Isles Foods, Tanfield Foods, Tropical Wholefoods, and more…

Here’s a carousel of images from my past food and drink projects. To discuss these, drop me an email or call using my details below.

Doctor Sally Women's Health

A skills-transfer to an amazing non-food project in the rapidly changing digital health space.

Doctor Sally Bell is a medical doctor with digital aspirations. She focuses on conventional, functional and lifestyle themes to offer women integrated ways to optimise whole person health as they travel their life journey.

I created and built Doctor Sally Women’s Health as a world-class branded learning platform.

The outcome is a powerful digital business system based on WordPress and the Kajabi LMS, and optimised for quality and performance.

  • SEO R&D to action
  • Branding
  • Website development
  • Content planning & creation
  • Kajabi LMS & course setup
  • Launch marketing
  • Funnel build
  • Meta & Google ads

Route Outdoor Media Analytics

To finish up; another skills-transfer to a non-food project for a colleague from my days at Young & Rubicam Advertising.

Route Outdoor Media Analytics offers marketers audience measurement for out-of-home advertising.

This channel is difficult to measure. Consumers are constantly on the move, and the media can be at the side of a road, inside buildings, or on/in moving vehicles.

Nodes and flows are important to the method the Route team developed to show the value of out-of-home to advertisers.

So, my team and I created a business identity around this idea, with nodes, flows, and a feeling of motion.

We then applied the identity across media and materials for the business.

  • Business identity
  • Marketing materials

Excellent, this encapsulates exactly what Route does in a contemporary way, and will really help us grow our communications around a powerful visual theme. Managing Director, Route Research Ltd.

Data Provider

Richard Reeves Website Ahrefs Image

In his book Everybody Lies, former Google data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz suggests Google searches are the most important dataset ever collected on the human psyche.

I use this search data for search engine optimisation (SEO), and to provide quantified insights for website and content planning and development.

Search data insights are also part of the foundation of digital and traditional marketing, and can add value to product and brand development projects.

I use Ahrefs – the leading tool for SEO and search insights that is trusted by marketers from the world’s biggest brands.

Ahrefs crawls the web 24/7 (much like search engines do) storing petabytes of information about live websites. Every 24 hours, the Ahrefs content index discovers 30 million new pages and updates metrics for 350 million pages. The Ahrefs Keyword index contains 11.6 billion keywords across 10 search engines in 229 countries. And, Ahrefs boasts the world’s largest index of live backlinks, updated with fresh data every 15-30 minutes.

From big data, comes big ideas.

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