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Topical diet-related terms generally show many search terms with high search volumes and higher ranking difficulty scores. The answer is to create optimised content early in the trend, then as the trend grows, your content out-performs. In a more developed search scenario, as we find with ‘keto’, search performance is best optimised in a broader strategy around all aspects of digital marketing.

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Topical diet-related terms generally show many search terms...

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In his book Everybody Lies, former Google data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz suggests Google searches are the most important dataset ever collected on the human psyche.

I use this search data for search engine optimisation (SEO), and to provide quantified insights for website and content planning and development.

Search data insights are also part of the foundation of digital and traditional marketing, and can add value to product and brand development projects.

I use Ahrefs – the leading tool for SEO and search insights that is trusted by marketers from the world’s biggest brands.

Ahrefs crawls the web 24/7 (much like search engines do) storing petabytes of information about live websites. Every 24 hours, the Ahrefs content index discovers 30 million new pages and updates metrics for 350 million pages. The Ahrefs Keyword index contains 11.6 billion keywords across 10 search engines in 229 countries. And, Ahrefs boasts the world’s largest index of live backlinks, updated with fresh data every 15-30 minutes.

From big data, comes big ideas.


It would be a pleasure to discuss what’s on your menu, and how I can help you cook up something super-tasty.